Best 10 Astro Remedies to Improve Husband-Wife Relationship

The Happiness of Married couple is based on the love, trust, and mutual  understanding between them. Marriage is the unique bond between two partners. You love each other’s. We try our best to make Beautiful our relationship, but sometimes things become strained.

You had a bad fight, or other things there are many reason for bitterness arousing in the husband & wife relationship—Like—- Lake of Romance , Financial Condition, Decision Making, Lake of time to spend with each other etc.

Let me ask you a Question—-

Are you having the same problem in your married life if the answer is ‘yes’ so you mast have to follow these Astrology Remedies to live happy with your spouse.

Remedies 1:
Always use light shade colure in Bedroom Like:- Light Rose Pink, Light Leaf Green.

Remedies 2: When a married couple sleeping ensure that Wife have to sleep left side of Husband.  (This will ensure a loving and happy married life)

Remedies 3: Never use two Mattresses on Bed, Always use single mattress for a married couple.

Remedies 4: Wipe floor with salt water daily or at least once a week, it reduced the negative energy.

Remedies 5: wear gold or yellow color bangles.

Remedies 6: Wife should chant “Durga Chalisa” for a Happy & Prosperous life.

Remedies 7: When sleeping, couple should always keep their head towards the South.

Remedies 8: Never Place a Mirror in Bedroom if it can’t avoid than ensure that mirror is covered.

Remedies 9: Couple shoud not use strong frangrance, always use light frangrance.

Remedies 10: Husband & Wife both worship lord Shiv & Parvati as they known  happy married couple.

Married couple should try above remedies to maintain Peace & Happiness in Life. If you still unable to sort out trouble in your marriage life, then book appointment with Astrologer Dr. Deepak Batra. By using his unique remedies, you would be able to get back lost happiness in your family life.

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  1. Husband and wife problem comes mainly through abuse, lack of trust and faith in each other, unfaithfulness and many reasons. But whatever is the reason when you had spent good times and want to continue you must overcome the situation.

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