Top 10 Best Astrology/Vaastu Tips to attract Money, Wealth & Prosperity

Money or wealth the foundation in modern human life. In current scenario, you can’t imagine a happy life without sufficient wealth/money. However, hardworking people always become success in their life but it is not a golden rule for every individuals.

Sometimes, the position of planets is responsible for the bad condition of financial crisis.

In astrology, we always give tips to please God of wealth (Lord Kuber) & Goddess (Maa Laxmi).

Every person wants to be happy, & Generally happy life is related to wealth/ money. Thus every person work hard to be satiable his finance conditions for his family but you see difference in all persons who doing regular some hard work – the difference is their growth in their work field. 20 or 30 gets growth in their field because of his luck+hard work.

Now, there is a problem in your kundali planet so you don’t get enough result in your work field.

Our Astrologer & Vaastu Expert……Astrologer (Deepak Batra) is suggesting some tips to welcome blessing of Goddess Laxmi & Lord Kuber:

  1. Remember that your house must be Vaastu Perfect, Because All happiness start from home. 
  2. Your Temple in House in Places in North or East Direction only.
  3. In North Direction you can place green plant, this will bring wealth and growth your career.
  4. Maa Lakshmi is Goddess of Wealth, if you disrespect of women, than you are disrespectful to Maa Lakshmi. Always respect women in life.
  5. Leakage in water pipes and taps indicate that there is a loss of money, Fixed them always.
  6. Make sure that all Doors or Windows are Clean, if Door & Windows are dirty than money flow is obstructed.
  7. Always keep your money in the north directions box.
  8. Cash should be kept in the drawers made in the north and a mirror should be installed inside the drawer to double your good luck.
  9. Avoid keep shoes and dustbin in west zone, it affect growth & profit.
  10. In the Bedroom you cannot place mirrors, if it is not possible because lack of place, Make sure that you are not reflect in mirror while you sleeping, because it relate to negative energy and towards poverty.

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