5 Best Astrology remedies for Good Health & Free from Illness/Sickness

A healthy life is the best gift from God for anyone. Sometimes, our habits or Dosh in Kundli invite illness or bad health.

Our astrologer Dr. Deepak Batra Ji is explaining some wonderful Astrology tips to maintain a happy and healthy life, as follows:

Avoid Consumption of Non-veg (Meat)

When you eat non vegetarian food, then situation of Good planet becomes weaker in our kundli. To avoid this situation, you should never consume non vegetarian food.

Feed Monkeys and Black Cow

In Hindu civilization, we can’t ignore the importance of Monkey & Cow in Hindu civilization & Vedic astrology. If you feed Monkey & Cow frequently, then you can keep yourself away from bad health.


We should sleep in right position to keep bad energies far away from our body. If you do this practice regularly, then you will get very soon a strong & healthy body without any barrier.

Never Accept Free Gifts from non-blood relations

You should say ‘NO’ to any gifts from anyone except blood relations. This good habit never bring any bad impact on your health.

Donate Cloths to Poor Peoples

Donation always welcome positive energies in your life. If your Kundli hosts positive energies, then you will always live happy & healthy without any fear.

If your health in a critical situation, then your relative can take advise from astrologer Dr. Deepak Batra. He is the best astrologer in Delhi with good human & ethics value.

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