Do You Plan to Settle Down in USA, Canada or UK? Here are a Few Astrology Solutions to Get a Job Overseas!

Every person want to settle in Overseas to achieve high quality of life. In this context, we need to maintain our performance in different areas like education, fulfil minimum criteria and other country specific legal procedures.

Apart from the above factors, our positive energy in life is playing key role to motivate human being for all round success. To maintain the balance of positive power in your life, astrology plays the role of catalyst to push our career on the right direction.

Here, you can explore top 5 astrology tips to settle career in Overseas:

#1 Habit of Donation on Every Saturday:

According to our Astrologer in Delhi (Dr. Deepak Batra), you should donate “Urad Dal” to poor peoples. This practice is very helpful to please “RAHU” planet in your KUNDLI.

#2 RAHU Beej Mantra:

This Mantra is used to fulfill the dream of settling career in Abroad without any barrier. The Mantra is as follows:

Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah

ऊँ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः

According to astrologers, this practice confirms the opportunities of career in Overseas (USA, Canada & UK).

#3 Always Wear 8 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA:

If your RAHU is weak, then you should wear the 8 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA to convert the status of planet from Week to Strong. You will not only get the chance to join good MNCs in Overseas but also brings luck & joy in life.

#4 DURGA SAPTSHATI  (दुर्गासप्तशती):

This practice clean all bad energies from your journey towards USA, UK or Canada. So, you should start this successful Mantra in your life as soon possible.

#5 Fasting:

In Hindu civilization, you should always perform fasting on auspicious days to bring wealth in your life. This habit helps to stable all planets in KUNDLI in good position.

We hope that you will follow the above tips to ensure 100% success for overseas job. If you still feel any doubt, then consult our astrologer (Dr. Deepak Batra) via online or Offline (Rohini Office) mode.

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