Do You Know Importance Tips for Success, Health of Shravan (Sawan) Month in the Hindu Religion?

According to Hindu scriptures & Vedas, Sawan month is the holiest month of the Hindu calendar. In this month, you can perform various must have religious ceremony to welcome peace and happiness in your life. In this moth, you can start good work on any days without any fear of Nakshatra dosh.

Our Hindu civilization believes that Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. To please lord Shiva in Sawan month, you should visit Shiv temple regularly to bath Shiva Linga with Milk or holy water.

 Important Notes for Good Luck & Success in Shravan (Sawan) Month:

  1. In this month, you should only focus on spiritual practices
  2. ‘Shravan Somvar Vrat’ is a powerful fast to attract good health & luck
  3. Every Tuesday in Sawan Month is also known as ‘Mangala Gauri Vrat’
  4. Your dedicated attenstion towards Lord shiva helps to bring for success, marriage and prosperity.
  5. In this month, you are going to celebrate auspicious festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Naag Panchami, and Teej.
  6. Early morning worship before sunrise is good
  7. Feeding the fish during Shravan month would enhance financial situation.
  8. To fix health issues, you should chant Mahamrityunjay Jap in Shravan Month.
  9. Offer saffron milk to Shivalinga is a good tip to fix marriage problem.
  10. Feeding fresh green grass to cows opens the door of success in Shravan Month
  11. Every Monday, take 21 Bilvapatra and write the auspicious mantra i.e. ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ with Sandalwood (Chandan) paste. Then, you should offer to Shivalinga to fulfills all dreams.
  12. Performing ‘Rudra Abhishek’ to solve Mangal dosh in Kundli
  13. Avoid alcohol & Non-veg in Shravan month
  14. Don’t harm snakes because they are beloved entity of Lord Shiva

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