Best 5 Astrology & Vaastu Tips for Infertility Cure in Childless Couples

Infertility is a big concern for modern couples due to bad lifestyles & unhealthy activities. But, sometimes we hear that even a healthy couple fails to grab the opportunity of parenthood. Of course, Pregnancy is an important phase in every woman’s life.

We agree that cases of infertility is related to male or female infertility. You should also consult with experienced doctor to diagnose the root causes.

If your doctor also fails to explain the root causes for infertility in couple, then you feel helpless. This situation also creates a choke for happy family life.

At such times, you should also try alternative assistance like experienced astrologer or Vaastu expert. According to best astrologer & Vaastu Expert Dr. Deepak Batra, useful tips can give opportunity of a cute baby to childless couples.

Some Useful Astrology & Vaastu Tips for Infertility Cure in Childless Couples:

#1 Sleep on the left side of your husband.

#2 Always use light color in bedroom.

#3 Never put wildlife or violence paintings in bedroom.

#4 Chant Santana Gopal Mantra Regularly.

#5 Use Energy Healing Crystals.

Some other tips to ensure 100% safe delivery of baby as follows:

  • Remove Any Blocks to the Front Door
  • Avoid an entrance door in the South-East zone i.e. cause for abortion
  • Enhance the West Sector

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  1. I thought I was infertile… but contrary to my doctor’s prediction I got pregnant twice and naturally gave birth to 2 healthy children. This resource is totally worth it!

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