Top 5 Best Astrology Tips for Child’s Good Health & Cure Illness

Every parent should always focus on the health of child to avoid any illness in child’s life. We always follow different tips to boost quality of child’s life like regular checkup, good diet & good habits. In this context, astrology also plays vital role to improve the life quality of children as well as keep bad energies far away from life.

After doing depth research on astrology, our award winning astrologer Dr. Deepak Batra ji is delivering useful tips as mentioned below:

Lord Hanuman Temple:

If your child is suffering from the ill effect of bad energy, then he should visit Lord Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday & Saturday. This practice will be helpful to remove bad energies from body. Then, your child can easily regain lost health.

Gayatri Mantra: Powerful Solution to Make Planet Sun strong

Guide your child to learn & chant regularly as a habit. It is a powerful solution to make his Sun planet strong. This planet will be helpful to attract success in life automatically.

Permission for Outdoor Games

According to astrology, we should allow our beloved children to participate in outdoor activities. It makes their Mars powerful. It gives courage, force, audacity and self-defense.

Consumption of Green Vegetables for Mercury Position

Apart from Medical world, astrologers also suggest that children should eat green vegetables. It will help to increase the strong position of Mercury.

Habit to Respect Elder Peoples

If your children respects their elders then chances of strong Jupiter in Kundli is good. So, you should always encourage your children to pay respect for elder family members and other relatives.

Other planets like Venus is related to clean surroundings around your child while Saturn becomes strong by helping others. If you still have any doubt related to your child health, then contact astrologer in Delhi for best advice & instant relief.

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